Practical Engineering

Practical engineering

Practical engineering refers to the design and development of projects using the experience and practical knowledge of the industry, acquired through years of the practical work in various fields of engineering. Practical engineering encompasses all stages of the project: the pragmatic design of projects allows smoother fabrication, testing and distribution.

Practical engineering is valued over alternatives for the following reasons:

  • It provides a smoother transition from design to development
  • Intimate understanding of manufacturing processes negates the need for independentcontractors
  • Practical application of technology within the context of experience

Firstly, theoretical engineering is concerned only with the technological design of the product. While a vital part of the project, it does not consider all practical aspects of an engineering task. Practical engineering involves itself beyond the design, into the practical engineering tasks required to bring a project from design to distribution. These include:

  • Design
  • Modelling
  • Certification
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and
  • Distribution

Although a design may be theoretically sound, problems arise in the fabrication and distribution of a product – not always considered in design. Practical engineering allows fabrication and distribution factors to be considered at the initial design stage, and avoid untimely alterations at a later stage.

Secondly, practical engineering allows a design to be placed in the context of an industry – rather than designing a product in a vacuum to mathematical specifications, practical knowledge of the industry and its components can allow for a more practical design and integration. Industry connections allow a project to be assimilated more quickly, and conversely, practical knowledge of the industry can start a practical engineering project several steps ahead of a theoretical project.

The recent development of a Catwalk for the Oil & Gas Industry is a great example of how IFCE works with industry to ensure a practical solution. IFCE partner with a well respected drilling equipment company which ensured additional feedback into the final product design was superior than would have otherwise been achieved.

Finally, practical engineering carries with it the guarantee of quality assurance. An engineering firm experienced in the practical nature of design and certification will not require any consulting on the legitimacy of a practical design, nor on an independent certification on the practical applications of a product.

It is for the above reasons practical engineering is recommended over alternatives.

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