Engineering Certification

Engineering Certification Queensland

Engineering Certification Queensland

Engineering certification is vital to the success of a product. The certification of a product assures the quality and longevity of its operation against the reputation of the certifier, and highlights the validity of the provider. Certification also offers accountability, reliability, and a competitive advantage to the owner of the product or service.

Certification standards are set by independent agencies, such as Australian Standards. These standards are checked and governed by separate local and national testing agencies, to avoid a conflict of interest.

Certification of a product or service broadcasts that the provider or manufacturer adheres to an international standard set by an impartial committee. It can foster a trust between the manufacturer and the consumer.

“A person conducting a business unit has a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of workers while they are at work in the business.” – RPEQ, 2016.

By certifying a product or service, the provider accepts liability for its performance. Certification of a product tells consumers the provider is confident in the product, and ties the operation of the product to the reputation of the provider.

Regular inspections of the product and updates to the legislation mean the product is continuously certified.

IFCE has certified many products within the context of reliability: from Drill Rigs to High Ropes Courses, lifting lugs to pressure vessels.

Certification also offers a competitive advantage over uncertified products. Customers look for the product with the most quality assurance. Testing and approval from an internationally recognized certification standard carries with it the highest vote of confidence possible in a product.

By certifying a product, the provider is displaying confidence in the product to the customer.

It is for the above reasons engineering certification is considered most important.

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