Company Certifications

Igni Ferroque Consulting Engineers

IFC Engineers perform mechanical, electrical and structural equipment certification and plant compliance audits throughout Australia.

Our engineers are experienced with the requirements to various government and corporate bodies who stipulate Australian certifications.

Government departments often have mandatory reporting for high risk plant – this requires full design verification by a registered engineer.

Our compliance engineers can advise when and where this is required, and carry the following qualifications and registrations to perform these works:

  • RPEQ - Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (Works in, or for Queensland),
  • NER – National Engineering Register (Formally NPER),
  • CPEng – Chartered Professional Engineer, &
  • TMR AP – Transport Main Roads, Approved Person.

Commonly used Australian Standards for certifications,

  • AS1657 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairs and Ladders – Design, Construction and Installation,
  • AS4100 Steel structures,
  • AS3990 Mechanical Equipment, Steelwork,
  • AS1664 Aluminium structures,
  • AS2327 Composite structures,
  • AS4024 Safety of Machinery,
  • AS1418 Cranes Hoists and Winches,
  • AS1735 Lifts escalators and moving walkways,
  • AS2359 Powered industrial trucks,
  • AS3000 Wiring rules,
  • AS5062 Fire protection for Mobile and transportable equipment
  • AS1210 Pressure Vessels
  • AS4991 Lifting Devices