Auditing & Inspection

1. Crane, Major inspections

IFCE can provide AS1418 services 10yr and 25yr inspections for EWP, Gantry, Jib and Portal Cranes, Mobile Cranes, 6yr inspection for concrete placing booms. Please contact us to discuss where we can assist.

Standard Services

  • Pre-refurbishment inspection
  • Review of crane working history and calculation of remaining life against usage
  • Supply of refurbishment checklist, based on manufacturers requirements where available
  • Risk based inspection of the crane to determine any potential cost savings through the refurbishment
  • Re-furbishment assistance
  • Engineering onsite support during investigation
  • Non-destructive inspection (NDT)
  • Engineering specification of any required structural or mechanical repair works


  • Crane recertification
  • Engineering review of refurbishment records
  • Witnessing of function tests
  • Issue of crane refurbishment certification
2. Winch
3. Rig Cat 4
4. AQIS Stands
5. Fit for service / purpose (tyre handlers, annuals, before you buy)
6. Access systems

Expert witness and Investigator