Igni Ferroque literally means “with fire and iron”.  Fire and iron: the staples of the very first mechanical engineers.  It ties the modern day to the foundation of engineering.  It is a nod to the original engineers who were militarily focussed – “with fire and iron” is how you lay siege to a city – which is the secondary meaning of the phrase.  It is about giving our clients that advantage.

Using the name ‘Igni Ferroque’ signals a fervent desire to get back to the authenticity of engineering.  The love of pure design, the indelible need to create efficiencies, the genetic impulse of using the science and mathematics in combination to make the world better – Igni Ferroque, which conveniently becomes the acronym IF thrives of the idea of “if”… if we keep pushing, if we keep designing, if we keep energising, there are no limits.

It signals engineering as a way of life, rather than simply a career option.  For real engineers, ‘switching off ‘at the end of the day is not an option.  They tinker, they draw, they imagine.  They know which end of a spanner to pick up.  They wear their grease-covered hi-vis with the upmost pride.  For mechanical engineers, they create, refurbish and rework, things that are supposed to move and those which are not.  Igni Ferroque is about reclaiming the essence of engineering from the faceless corporations who seek mass production.  Igni Ferroque is about solving problems, providing solutions, and getting shit done.

Engineers are excited by developments in technology – they drive them.  Today, it’s about engaging the gambit of ever-evolving technologies to create greater efficiency, lower cost, and higher productivity.  It must be acknowledged that developments in technology are our one of our only ways to protect environments both now and in the future.

Igni Ferroque Consulting Engineers is about an elemental engineering approach.  Whether it is coordinating compliance, energising equipment, or green-field start-ups, Igni Ferroque Consulting Engineers help clients answer the big ‘if’ questions.



Our qualifications include:

Multi-discipline Engineering including

  • Mechanical,
  • Structural / Civil, &
  • Electrical / Mechatronic.

Licence and legal qualification covering

  • RPEQ – Registered Professional Engineer Queensland,
  • TMR AP – Transport Main Roads Approved Person, &
  • Shot firers licence, and
  • Builders License – Mechanical

Our team also have the following tickets

  • Work Platform, 11m or more,
  • Working at Heights,
  • Access Confined Space,
  • Rope Access,
  • Standard 11, &
  • Safe Access to Rail Corridor.